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The Matt Mullenweg vs. Chris Pearson Battle is Over, Thesis Adopts GPL Photo by: Katrina Nicole

The Matt Mullenweg vs. Chris Pearson Battle is Over, Thesis Adopts GPL

July 28, 2010 · 0 comments

in Thesis

Thesis 1.x Notice: Thanks for reading this post! So, here's the deal. I wanted you to be aware that this post was written prior to the release of Thesis 2. So that means the instructions or other information provided applies specifically to Thesis 1.x and not the latest 2.x version. Thanks!

If you’ve been following all the brouhaha taking place between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Thesis developer Chris Pearson over the GPL, you may be pleased to hear that the battle is over. Chris Pearson has decided to now make Thesis available under a split GPL. I’m sure for many in the industry, this has come as a huge relief considering a potential lawsuit which would not have been pleasant. We love WordPress and Thesis, and to me that would have been disastrous.

At the heart of this issue was the fact that Thesis had not been released under the General Public License, and this did not sit well with Matt Mullenweg. Since so much has been written about this clash between Matt and Chris, I’m not going to reiterate everything here. I’m providing some links which will bring you up to speed, as well as the Mixergy interview. You can also read this Mashable article about these latest developments.

I’m pleased that this ended well and we can all just get back to enjoying WordPress and Thesis. I was very surprised to learn about Chris’s decision since he was so entirely adamant about his stand on this. If you feel like sharing your opinion, go ahead and do so in the comments below. Long live WordPress & Thesis!

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